Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A solution to my "Random wake from sleep problem"!

I had been bothered for months by my family room's Windows 7 Media Center HTPC randomly waking from "S3 Sleep Mode" and staying on throughout the day - even when no recordings were actively scheduled. Even more mysterious was the fact that only one of the two Media Center PC's in our house exhibited this problem. The two PCs are identical - the only difference being that the problem PC is connected to my central DSL router via Ethernet cable; the other "good" unit is connected via WiFi. 

I started suspecting that some sort of network activity, or "polling" was turning on this particular PC randomly. After much head scratching and web searching I came across the following solution posted on the web:


According to this article, the problem is caused by a local area network adaptor setting called “Wake on pattern match“ being enabled. After disabling this setting my random wake from sleep problem is gone!

To try this for yourself do the following:
Under StartControl Panel find the entry for Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings > Local Area Connection.
In the "Local Area Connection Status" pop up window, click the Properties button followed by the Configure button. Next open the Advanced tab and scroll down to find the "Wake on pattern match" Property. If the Value is set to Enabled, change that to Disabled and click OK

Hopefully this will solve your Random Wake from Sleep problem as well.

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